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Kannada Movie Anukta Impresses The Audience | Sampathraj KFI AnuktaReview


Here is what we have to report on Anukta.

Anukta’s plot revolves around a crime investigation of a murder mystery set up in coastal region of Karnataka . With perspective narration in the screenplay movie keeps audience guessing about the big surprises involved in the multiple layers of the plot. Daivakola a devine culture of tulunadu plays a interesting part.With a proper blend of psychological aspects of human emotions in the form of dreams and crime investigation of a intelligent COP behind a murder mystery anukta will be a new experience to watch.
The intriguing teaser of #Anukta explains a success story like none other! Directed by Ashwath Samuel , this murder mystery stars Karthik Attavar , Sampath Raj , Anu Prabhakar & Sangeetha Bhat in lead roles. Produced by Harish Bengera , music for this entertainer is by Nobin Paul.

Starring – Karthik Attavar, Sangeetha Bhat, Sampath Raj, Anu Prabhakar, Mukharjee, K.S Shridhar and many others.
Screenplay & Direction – Ashwath Samuel
Music Composer – Nobin Paul
Story – Santhosh Konchadi & Karthik Attavar
Cinematography – Manohar Joshi
Editor – N M Vishwa
Dialogues – Naveen Sharma & Kiran Shetty
Producer – Harish Bangera
Production Company – Deyi Productions
Art Director – Devi Prakash
Lyrics – Keerthan Bhandary
Creative Designs – Kaani Studios
Costume Designer – Shri Valli
PRO – Sudheendra Venkatesh
Audiography – Rahul
Sound Design – Oli Sound Studios
Music Mix – Abin Paul
Dolby Atmos – Rajakrishnan.M.R & Rahul Rajan
Visual Effects – Animantra VFX
Trailer Edited by Pratheek Shetty

Music on PRK Audio
Digital Partner : Divo

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