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Pailwaan का कड़ा मुकाबला होगा ChallengingStarDarshan की Kurukshetra से ?


Sudeep’s ‘Pailwan’ movie is scheduled for August 8th, a day before ‘Kurukshetra’ release. The film’s earlier plan is that ‘Pailwan’ is ready for release on August 8th. Kichcha is the first person to wrestle in the field at the Pailwan, where he has come up with Krishna. The fans are sleeping to see the avatar ‘Pailwan’. According to the sources, Paivalvan is set to enter the cinema for Varamala Lakshmi. Producer Pushkar Mallikarjunayya Announces Announcing ‘Avanti Srimannarayana’, a long-awaited movie by Rakshit Entry Rakshit Shetty, to Varamala Lakshmi, will also be released in August. The film’s release date was not revealed. The film was planned to release the film to the Varamala Lakshmi festival. Since he is likely to enter two Big Cinemas together, he is likely to go ahead with ‘Srimannarayana’ release date. According to sources, the film is likely to be released on August 23rd. In August, the festival is a special month for film lovers this month. It is a great festival for fans to be surprised at the star expectations of most of the star actors entering together. Producers stand in the tip to release the film on the festival of Varmamalakshmi. Currently, the entry to the Kurukshetra Varmahalakshmi is to be given. According to the plan, Pailwan and Avanti Srimannarayana also come to Varmahalakshmi and are interested in Lakshmi. Screenplay in Multilingual 3 Cinemas These three multi-expectations are coming to the screen in multiple languages. In Kurukshetra 5, Etri is ready to give a hit, while Rakshit Shetty is the heroine of the movie Srimannarayana. Pailwan’s film is yet to be released in 8 languages. Nowadays, Kannada cinema is releasing dubbed for other languages is increasing.

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